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Incoming Invoice / Voucher


The current situation in many companies
The processing of incoming invoices is for many companies a time- and resource-consuming task. The invoice shall preferably be sent for attestation, copies should be taken and it requires some work to keep the overview.

In addition, to check original invoice in the future can be cumbersome, and make it practically unavailable for the organization.

The solution
By scanning or by electronic input incoming invoices are digitized and available from the PC. The invoices can be organized on vendors, projects, executive officers, departments and time periods — so that they are easy both to process and find.

The system can read electronic invoices in the EHF format, which is standard format for electronic invoicing in Europe.

You achieve:

  • Electronic processing of incoming invoices and other type of vouchers
  • Electronic invoices in the EHF format
  • Effective registration of posting data
  • Interpretation of scanned invoices
  • Electronic workflow – full list of invoices per attestant and status if these are processed/accepted
  • Attestation from PC, tablet like Ipad or mobile
  • Full overview of the Invoices/vouchers on projects, vendors, attestants and departments
  • Full overview of invoice status – which are not processed and need to be reminded?
  • Email reminding
  • What is approved?
  • Automatic posting to the accounts
  • Link to original invoice image from queries and drill-down reports
  • Better control and overview for Accounting Department
  • Avoid interest costs because the invoice is being paid late
  • Eleminates need for physical files – electronic files are adequate under Norwegian accounting act
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