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Norwegian (Bokmål) English 
Contact us +47 51 88 99 00  |
Norwegian (Bokmål) English 
Contact us +47 51 88 99 00  |

In this module, you can organize and follow up on sales leads and different kinds of agreements/contracts.

  • Register prospekt with salesperson, products, amount, etc.
  • Create sales prospect directly from email
  • All documents and emails can be stored on the sales prospect
  • Dates for follow-up with notification in calendar/mobile
  • Sales history
  • A prospect can be turned into contract - all history are maintained in the contract

  • Service- and support tasks can be created directly from email
  • Service- and support tasks can be created in the Web module from the customer directly into the CRM module
  • Assign tasks to the worker, responsible, date/time limits, alerts and company defined fields that describes and categorizes the task
  • All e-mail correspondence, documents, history, and hours are connected to the task

  • Free structured information about contracts
  • Several types of agreements, purchases, rentals, licences etc.
  • Can be associated with suppliers and/or customers
  • Create or scan documents related to the agreement
  • Follow-up appointment booked on the calendar with the possibility of notification on your mobile/calendar
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