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Norwegian (Bokmål) English 
Contact us +47 51 88 99 00  |
Norwegian (Bokmål) English 
Contact us +47 51 88 99 00  |

Agendec Cloud Services

With Agendec Cloud services we offer flexible working solutions that contribute to greater flexibility and operational stability.

Benefits of Agendec Cloud Services:
  • Safe IT operations-high uptime
  • Agendec has access to the operating environment, which facilitates simplified implementation, upgrade and support
  • Users are more mobile and can work from anywhere
  • Easy interaction of documents etc. in projects
  • No need to think of IT operations and backup
  • Security is taken care of-several generations of backups, firewalls etc.
  • No charge with servers, server rooms etc.
  • MS Office / Office 365 package is included
  • MS Exchange is included-handles email, appointments, etc

Agendec applications are made with Microsoft .net framework That ensures full integration with MS Office and compatibility with existing and upcoming versions of Windows, internet and wireless technology.

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